About the program

Each version of the program  (see Home Page) consists of two bundles of 4 modules - one set for general employees and another for supervisors and managers. The modules provide uniform knowledge across an organisation or school but the accompanying audio podcasts in each version's bundle are different.

The program was designed by workplace specialists to address more than 180 problematic issues commonly raised by Board Members, CEOs, Principals, Executives, Managers and Staff in the Public and Private Sector – including (but not limited to):

  • the physical and psychological health and well-being (stress) of staff at all levels 
  • over regulation and external interference
  •  gender bias and favouritism towards certain staff
  • bullying and harassment
  • overwork and feelings of overwhelm
  • not being listened to
  • micro-management
  • role ambiguity and scope creep in jobs
  • lack of support for executives
  • ineffectual, insufficient and inconsistent leadership
  • increased breakdown of individual and team relationships
  •  cliques and ‘them and us’ mentality
  • poor or inconsistent performance management
  • poor morale and workplace culture
  • erosion of worker loyalty and commitment 
  • low staff engagement
  • inconsistent unity of direction
  • pay parity issues
  • lack of opportunity for advancement 
  • reduced efficiency, productivity, and profitability
  • poor public image and reputation
  • rising costs associated with counselling, worker assistance and mediation 
  • increasing levels of absenteeism and staff turnover
  • difficulties connected with recruitment and training and associated costs
  • increased workers’ compensation claims and legal costs
  • increasing IR issues 
  • lack of trust in management and other staff

The program addresses these issues and more. And while the module titles are commonplace, the program, the integration of 12 disciplines into the materials, what they address and the overall program approach makes this program unique.

Deep understanding to make things simple.

The modules were designed to enable the reader to gain a deep understanding of  the causes, effects and solutions to the most commonly encountered problems facing modern organisations and schools - including the major causes of employee and work-related stress.

The integration of materials from 12 relevant disciplines and the addition of new knowledge will enable participants to think, choose, combine and link relevant pieces of information necessary to address these commonly encountered workplace matters.

Addressing the symptoms and their root causes 

Other programs typically focus on a specific issue or its symptoms. Rarely do they take into account the root causes or how a proposed solution might affect other parts of an organisation or its general operations. Consequently the means of solving one problem can often inadvertently create problems elsewhere in the organisation.

The OurWorkplace program takes a balanced, holistic approach by simultaneously addressing issues connected to employee well-being, organisational governance and operational performance. The content integrates perspectives from the following disciplines:  Leadership, Organisational Development and Behaviour, Human Resources, Employee Relations, Industrial Relations, Business, Management, Neuroscience, Psychology, Organisational Change, Risk, Governance and Education.

Therefore, because the module content addresses symptoms and their root causes, it not only has staff development value at all levels, but it also provides the means to further develop and strengthen organisations and improve workplace culture and governance at the same time.


Two sets of Audio podcasts 

We packaged the 4 modules into two bundles – one bundle for general employees and another for team leaders, supervisors, managers and executives.

The module content is the same in each bundle to provide uniform knowledge across an organisation. However, the associated audio podcasts are different in each bundle. This allows us to provide the reader/listener with a more focused understanding about how the material relates to their role and experiences.



The OurWorkplace program is a low-cost-per-participant program. It has been designed so that people can implement the knowledge into their own organisations without the need of external help – although we are on hand if support is wanted.

And because the modules are content-rich, and their value becomes even more evident on subsequent readings, we provide a 12-month license to give each participant the opportunity to revisit the materials as many times as they like during that time. Extended licenses are available on request.


About the modules

For content details, go to the Modules page and click on one of the bundles. This will take you to the individual modules and then the content headings. However, the chapter headings and sub-headings are broad and will only give a superficial break-down of how the modules have been organised. The magic is in the content!